Expert Author Gregory L Gomez
If you are really concerned about getting in shape, one of the best ways to be successful is to take the weight loss process one week at a time. Often when people attempt to lose weight they get overwhelmed with everything they are told to do either from friends, infomercials, the Internet, television, something they hear on the news, or possibly read in the paper.
Sure some, or maybe most, of what they're saying will help in your weight loss efforts, but with all that advice it's easy to feel swamped. Therefore with each 7 day block of time, focus on developing one healthy habit that will help you achieve your goal.
For instance, during your first week you just work on eliminating all sugary drinks such as sodas, juices, energy drinks, etc. Instead of taking in all those wasted calories (a 12oz. soda is around 150 calories) trade those beverages in for water which has absolutely zero calories - literally the perfect drink.
If you get rid of 2 sodas a day and drink water instead, that will be 2,100 less calories per week you'll eliminate from your usual diet.
At the end of your first week, possibly on a Sunday evening, review how everything went. Was it tough to make the change stick? Did you accomplish your goal? If not, what prevented you from being successful?
Truthfully answering these questions will provide you with specific problem areas you should focus on to improve the following week.
As your second week begins, continue with your healthy water habit and now add another goal for this 7 day block of time. A good one to tackle next would be to eliminate fast food, restaurant outings, and pizza delivery. In other words, it's time to cook all meals and prepare all snacks at home.
Remember when you're working on the weight loss process that means you will have to make some definitive changes in how you live your life. This can be very difficult. You will likely make some mistakes. You may give in to urges and momentarily revert back to your old eating and drinking habits.
Don't worry, it happens to everyone so try not to be too hard on yourself or get depressed and quit the whole weight loss process. The lesson to be learned is that if you're able to keep the unhealthy situations from arising less and less, you will find your habits slowly becoming more positive.
The longer you stick with the weight loss process, the temptations to eat or drink in an unhealthy manner will vanish. Pretty soon you won't have the urge to drink soda or eat potato chips because you know how bad that is for your body. You won't get fast food to eat because you know how many calories are jam-packed into those unhealthy meals.
Losing weight is a cumulative process that only happens when you stick with healthy habits for a certain amount of time. Healthy nutrition in appropriate portion sizes, along with a consistent exercise routine will get you to lose 1-2 pounds per week. That may not seem like a lot to you but doing the math reveals a whopping 24-48 pounds of potential weight loss in only 6 months!
Imagine if you stick with this weight loss process for an entire year. Your whole world and outlook on life can completely change. The choice is in your hands, hopefully you choose to do what's right and healthy for you.


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